RULES - Free premium accounts section

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RULES - Free premium accounts section

Post by RatiuForce on Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:15 pm

Free Premium Accounts Area Posting Rules

1. Add Code and HIDE BB codes to your shares
2. Do not leech accounts from here to other websites/blogs
3. Do Not Change Passwords, Accounts are for you to share, NOT to OwN
4. Do Not post CC's or Any Bank Related Things in Free Premium Accounts
5. External and download links NOT Allowed
6. Do not post threads saying you'll download things for others, e.g. downloading things from sharecash for other people.
7. Do not transfer items from one account to your own. This goes for money, points, rapids, anything that is transferable. It can kill the account so DO NOT DO IT
8. Do not spam
9. [NEW RULE] Use prefixes when posting accounts. Will make it much easier to differentiate the accounts you share!

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